6.15 - 7pm puppy course
A 6-week puppy course including the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Assessment leading to a certificate and rosette from the Kennel Club. This is the first step of the Kennel Club Good Citizen tests. The course includes walking to heel on the lead, coming back when called, socialising with other dogs and with people and stays in the sit and down.

7.00 - 7.45pm class
A progression class for those who have reached the required standard in the Puppy Course. Handlers improve their training skills and work towards their Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizen test.

7.45 - 8.30pm class
The last class of the evening for handlers and dogs who have completed their Bronze test and want to take their training a step further. Members work towards their Silver and Gold Good Citizen tests.

Those who want to progress further can be trained to work in Limited and Open Obedience Shows.

What does it Cost?

Puppy Foundation Course  £90
Older dogs  First 6 weeks in any class £90

Reduced fees for those who continue their training after 6 weeks.

What you need to do:

  • Please ensure you wear suitable clothing i.e. flat shoes and comfortable clothes.
  • Bring juicy titbits for your dog, they should not be their normal dry food, or dried biscuits. We suggest chicken, sausages, liver (cooked until very dry), cheese (cut up very small), or possible frankfurters (again cut up very small.
  • We do sell homemade liver cake, which almost every dog loves, price for the liver cake is £1 per bag.
  • You will need somewhere to keep your titbits, either a readily accessible pocket or a bum bag.
  • You should have a ‘poo bag’ with you at all times when out with your dog ( or at the club), so you can clean up after your dog.
  • You will required to have a dog tag that complies with the Control of Dogs Act 1992. We have a supplier who provides tags at an excellent price. The detail required on your tag is:
    • Owners Name
    • Owners Address
    All other information on your tag is optional