Emma and Hanna

"Our family dogs have been to this club on and off for 16 years or more. As an advocate of force free training, I will travel a long way for a club where the trainers are or have competed in dog sport as well as using kind effective methods in order to train the dogs. I took my current dog to Denise Fry when I needed some specific help with heelwork and stays, and she subsequently won a mock working trial, this wouldn't have been possible without the club's (particularly Denise Fry's) expert advice. More recently our family rescued a nervous, skinny Beagle cross from Cyprus, he has been attending classes for a few months, and has gone from being too frightened to enter the hall, to enjoying classes and happily greeting his class mates, as well as learning some useful commands along the way. Easily the best club in the area, and the only one that I would attend (having walked out of several before finding this one on a recommendation). Thanks all." Emma and Hanna (Weimaraner).

Ann and Issey

"My young dog Issey and I first joined the puppy class at Purley & Coulsdon Dog Training in the autumn 2012. We were invited to sit and watch a puppy class a week prior to joining which was a big help as Issey was very nervous and timid. The session was invaluable as it gave her a chance to become relaxed around different people and many different breed of dogs.

Issey has now progressed in confidence and is training for her silver test.

The professional dog trainers Denise, Val and Michael take time and work hard to help owners achieve the best from their dogs. They are all very patient and offer guidance but also make the training enjoyable. Everyone attending the courses are friendly and the dogs sociable as a result that is probably why Issey and I have continued to attend.

The year is rounded off with a very enjoyable Christmas party which is lots of fun for owners and their dogs."


"Purley and Coulsdon dog training has been a great way for my dog and I to socialise as well as gain new friends and skills. I have been going for over a year now and have seen my puppy grow into a well behaved dog, this is thanks to the time and effort put in by all involved. Denise, Val and Michael all make you feel welcome and are always on hand to give you advice should you need it. Both my dog and I look forward to Wednesday evenings."

Fiona and Troy

"Myself and my chocolate labrador puppy started puppy training as soon as his injections allowed. That was in 2007, we obtained our puppy foundation award, then progressed to Bronze, Silver and finally in 2009 Gold. We still go to Puppy Training now in 2010, WHY because we have both made many friends there and Love it, he still gets really excited to go. Thoroughly recommended!"

Cat and Zee

"Zee and I have been training with The Purley and Coulsdon Dog Training Society since Zee was a young puppy, he is a playful, bouncy Rhodesian Ridgeback and being a big dog I wanted to have him under full control. The classes are fun and stimulating and both of us have been learning without knowing it. Along our journey I've been able to rely on the help and advice of the trainers which is invaluable and I'm so happy we joined. Zee is now 5 years old and I'm so proud of all we have achieved."

Chris and Honey

"The Purley and Coulsdon Dog Training Society is a fantastic training club for dogs. It is a very friendly and sociable club. They take the training very seriously and have worked miracles with some of the dogs that have attended there. I have been attending with my cocker spaniel for 4 and a half years now. I can safely say that I can take my dog anywhere including friends houses and know for sure that she will behave and this is because of all the training she is receiving. I am proud of what my dog has become and this is all down to the trainers.

Our class are all very friendly and enjoy our weekly sessions. From what I have seen when I have arrived early for the class, the puppy class look as though they are enjoying themselves as well.

At the end of every year they hold a Christmas Party for all the classes and it is tremendous fun during which we can see the effect of all the training when all the dogs are together.

Denise, Val and Michael have been taking the class I am in and their knowledge is invaluable. If I didn't enjoy the class I am sure neither myself nor my dog would still be attending. We look forward to our 'Wednesday evenings'. I think I can count on one hand any evenings I have missed.

I must add that even the dogs are pleased to see each other and greet each other with kisses on arrival. I can thoroughly recommend Purley and Coulsdon Dog Training Society to anyone."